Looking for things to do at Lake Bohinj with kids? Here are 15 of the best activities and kid-friendly attractions in Bohinj Lake, Slovenia and around the area. 

Lake Bohinj Slovenia is not as well-known as nearby Lake Bled, but it’s just as beautiful, and well worth a visit. In fact, it was one of our favourite places to visit in Slovenia.

With crystal-clear water that’s perfect for swimming, and surrounded by the impressive peaks of the Julian Alps, Lake Bohinj is absolutely stunning. And while it’s worth a visit just for the scenery, there’s also plenty of outdoor opportunities and activities for the whole family. 

Take a dip in the water, get out on the water in a kayak or paddle board, explore the fairy-tale trail or take the short hike to Savica waterfall. Whether you are taking a day trip to the lake or staying in the area for a few days, there are plenty of things to at Lake Bohinj with kids. 

view of lake bohinj surrounded by julian alps

Where is Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj, or Bohinjsko jezero in Slovene, is set amid Triglav National Park in the Julian Alps. It’s the largest natural lake in Slovenia, at 4.2 kilometres (2.6 miles) long.

Ribčev Laz, the main town on the lake, is just over an hour’s drive from Ljubljana and only a 30-minute drive from Lake Bled. At the far end of the lake is another small town, Ukanc.

15 Best Things to Do at Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj offers plenty of outdoor opportunities, and as you might expect from a lake, many of these are water activities. But even if you’re not into water sports, don’t worry, there are plenty of other fun things to do at Lake Bohinj as well. 

1. Take a Boat Ride Across the Lake

One of the best things to do at Lake Bohinj is to take a boat ride from one end of the lake to the other. My kids were pretty excited to take the boat ride and it was the first thing we did in Bohinj.

The panoramic boats operate from Ribčez Lav at one end of the lake to Ukanc, at the other end. These boats are electric with a flat bottom and are the only boats allowed on the lake.

The trip takes about 25 minutes across the lake, and a local guide gives information about the lake and tells some fun stories along the way.

panoramic boat travelling across Lake Bohinj

You can purchase a ticket for just the one-way or opt for a return ticket.

We decided to only do the boat ride one way and explored the other end of the lake before walking back along the south shore.

The panoramic boats operate from the beginning of April until the beginning of November and there are two boarding points, one at each end of the lake; at Ribčev Laz and Ukanc.

One way tickets are €9 for adults, €5.50 for children aged 6-14, €8 for seniors and students. Return tickets: €14 for adults, €8.50 for children, €12.50 for seniors and students. Dogs are welcome and free of charge. 

2. Go for a Swim in the Lake

Lake Bohinj is known for its crystal-clear waters and it’s one of the nicest places to swim in Slovenia.

Bohinj is a mountain lake though, so the water can be chilly, but it warms up in the summer months.

We visited Bohinj in June and while it was a bit chilly, the boys still went in for a swim! It wasn’t a long, play-in-the-waves-all-day kind of swim, but they were in for more than just a quick dip!

two boys walking into the water at lake bohinj

Locals told us that if we had been a few weeks later, or anytime in July and August, the water would be even warmer and perfect for swimming or taking a dip. 

There are a few different beaches around the lake where you can relax and go in for a swim, although most aren’t sand beaches, but rather made of small pebbles.

Our personal favourite was a small beach near the camping site, which is only a short distance from the boat dock, but there was also a great spot past Ukanc near the Zlatorog Fairy Trail. 

3. Walk the Zlatorog Fairy Trail

This is a perfect walk for families and one of the best things to do at Lake Bohinj with kids.

The trail is a 2-kilometre loop and while that sounds like a lot, we didn’t find it to be too long.

The route passes along trails, by the lake and then back through the trees past several old houses.

a wood sign with text and a map of the zlatorog fairy trail and two boys pointing at the map
two boys trying the musical chime and a bar set between two wood tree trunks on the zlatorog fairy trail in lake bohinj

Each stop along the way has a sign with information on a local Slovenian mythical character and an activity to do that relates to the character.

It’s a great way to learn a bit about the local culture, while having fun and getting outside! 

4. Visit Savica Waterfall

One of the most popular Lake Bohinj attractions, and in fact, one of the top attractions in Slovenia, is Savica Waterfall.

This impressive waterfall, known as Slap Savica in Slovene, drops 78 meters into a pool below and is actually a double waterfall, as the water flow splits into two streams underground before appearing on the surface.

savica waterfall at lake bohinj
Slap Savica

In the summer months, there is a free shuttle that goes around Lake Bohinj to Savica Waterfall. Outside of July and August, you will need a car or it’s possible to hike on your own, but it would take about an hour from Ukanc.

From the parking lot, there’s a hiking trail that takes about 20-30 minutes to reach the waterfall.

There are some great viewpoints along the way, including some great views of Lake Bohinj, but a quick warning – there are plenty of steps!

Once you reach the waterfall, there is a small viewing area, but it is small, so when it’s crowded, you may have to wait to get a close-up view. It’s not possible to access the waterfall from below, or to swim in the pool at the bottom – only to admire the falls from the viewing deck. 

It’s well worth the short hike to see it! 

Entance fees vary depending on the season, but start at €3 for adults in the off-season, €4 during July, August and September, and kids aged 7-14 are €1.50/€2, students and seniors are €2.50 anytime. 

View of Lake Bohinj from the trail to Savica Waterfall
View of Lake Bohinj from the trail to Savica Waterfall

5. Walk Around the Lake

One of the most popular things to do in Lake Bohinj is to take the walking trail that circles the lake.

It’s a flat and easy trail that winds for 12km around the lake, providing some great views and quiet spots to relax on the water’s edge. The trail along the northern side is said to be more scenic, although longer.

We didn’t walk the whole way around the lake, but did the southern part that runs along the road.

While it’s a shorter route, it’s nowhere near as scenic as I’d thought, so I’d recommend walking the trail along the northern side if you’re going to walk one way. 

two boys walking out on the dock at Lake Bohinj

6. Take a Cable Car to the Top of Mount Vogel

Mount Vogel, known for its ski center, is busy in the winter months, but even during the summer, it’s worth going to the top.

The ride to the top takes around 7 minutes and you’ll be treated to spectacular views of the mountains and lake the whole way.

Once at the top, you’ll be rewarded with even more stunning views, with Lake Bohinj surrounded by the spectacular Julian Alps, and Mount Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia. 

view of lake bohinj from mount vogel

There are plenty of hiking trails to explore at the top, or relax at the cafe with a coffee and enjoy the view before heading back down.

In the winter, Vogel is a well-known ski resort, with skiing and snowboarding, as well as other winter activities. Equipment is available to rent or buy, and instructors are available for lessons. 

Cost for the Vogel Cable Car one way/return: €22/29.50 for adults, €12/15 for children over the age of 6, €20/26 for seniors. Rates for the winter season can be found here

7. Get Out on the Water

Lake Bohinj, with its crystal-clear water, lack of motorized boats and protection from the mountains, offers the perfect opportunity to get out on the water.

During the summer months, paddle boards and kayaks are available for rent, allowing you to explore the lake at your own pace.

Paddle across the lake while taking in the views of the Julian Alps that surround the lake and relax at some of the quiet beaches and coves on the north shore. 

stand up paddleboarding on lake Bohinj

8. Find Zlatorog

According to Slovenian legend, Zlatorog was a white chamois with golden horns and magical powers that lived in the mountains around Lake Bohinj, and guarded a treasure hidden in the mountains.

And while you may not encounter the mythical creature itself, a statue of the legendary golden-horned Zlatorog can be found on the shores of Lake Bohinj near Ribčev Lav.

There’s also another statue of Zlatorog on the shores of Lake Jasna, which you’ll see as you begin driving the Vrsic Pass

zlatorog, the golden horned stag, stands on a rock at the edge of lake bohinj slovenia

9. Visit the Playground

Right beside the parking lot in Ukanc, this playground is a great place to let kids run around. There’s a slide, balancing beam and other climbing structures, all made of natural materials.

There is no shade though, so it can get quite warm. Even though we had just done the fairy-tale trail, my kids still had plenty of energy to balance on the beams and walk the tightrope.

10. Play in the Treetops

There’s another really fun playground at the campground in Ukanc, which my boys proclaimed was one of the best things to do in Lake Bohinj for kids.

Right near the restaurant is a playground with swings, a slide and a small climbing wall. 

But for those who are looking for a little more adventure, there’s Dragon Village – a trampoline net high in the tree tops. The trampoline is built into the slope of the hill, so kids can walk onto the large net and then bounce above the ground below.

There’s wooden walkways leading to a wood platform, a REALLY large space to bounce on and netting along the sides to ensure safety. I’m not sure whether the boys liked the trampoline or being so high in the trees, but either way, they had loads of fun playing on it!

a trampoline net high in the tree tops at lake Bohinj Slovenia. wooden walkways go along the edge and lead to a wooden platform where kids can jump off onto the net.

11. Explore Ribcev Laz

A picturesque village on the shores of Lake Bohinj, Ribčev Laz is the main town on the lake and worth taking some time to explore.

Cross the double-arched stone bridge to reach the church of St. John the Baptist with its tall Baroque tower and admire the frescoes on the interior, which are some of the oldest in Slovenia.

St. John the Baptist church, built before 1300, is an important monument in Bohinj and one of the most easily recognizable symbols of the area.

Just below the bridge, the small area on the shore is one of the best places to get a picture of the iconic bridge and church.

Then stroll through the town, grab a bite to eat at one of the restaurants and relax while taking in the area’s natural beauty.

arched stone bridge with the church in the background in Lake Bohinj slovenia

12. Hike to Viewpoint Runic

To be honest, I didn’t know about this hike until we were checking out of our accommodations, but it’s one that I would put on the list for next time.

A 30-minute hike leads to a clearing where you’ll have great views of the lake and the surrounding area.

The hike starts near the church in Ribčev Laz, and our host said it’s great for families, as it’s not as high, or as steep as the climb to Mount Vogel. 

Things to Do Near Lake Bohinj

13. Hike Mostnica Gorge

One of the most popular Lake Bohinj hiking trails is Mostnica Gorge. Just 3km from Bohinj, this beautiful gorge is carved by the Mostnica River as it flows through the Voje Valley.

Similar to Vintgar Gorge near Lake Bled, the trail follows the curves of the river through the gorge, where you’ll see the gorgeous green water that the area is known for.

Along the trail are small waterfalls and pools formed by the gorge over the years and several wooden bridges crisscrossing over water.

After following the trail, you can return to the start, or continue through the valley to a gorgeous waterfall, Šum Waterfall, also known as Mostnica or Voje Waterfall.

The entire hike takes around 2.5 hours in one direction, or if you don’t continue to the waterfall, the return journey will take about 2 hours. 

Cost: €4 adults, €2 children aged 7-14 years, €2.50 seniors and students

14. Climb to the Vodnik Viewpoint

For more stunning views of Bohinj, the short climb to Vodnik viewpoint is worth it!

Here you’ll be able to see the gorgeous Bohinj Valley surrounded by the Julian Alps and Lake Bohinj in the distance. The climb to the viewpoint isn’t too challenging, making it great for families, and from the start in Koprivnik, it takes around 30 minutes to hike.

Alternatively, there’s a stone path from the village of Jereka that takes you to Koprivnik, just below the viewpoint.

At the top, there’s a box with a stamp and book for visitors to sign, as well as benches to sit and admire the view. 

15. Visit Grmečica Falls

This hidden gem was another recommendation from our hosts at Hotel Gasperin. It’s not popular with tourists, in fact, we were the only ones there.

Grmečica Falls is one of the few in the area that is free to visit, and one of the few where you can take a dip in the water.

It’s chilly though – like really, cold, even for a Canadian, but I managed to walk in and stand there long enough for a picture (my feet were almost numb after though!).

I used Google Maps to park, then we walked along the road for a few minutes, and then where the road seemed to end, the falls were right around the corner.

There’s a small area to sit on the edge of the water, or you can walk into the water and even swim up under the falls if you’re brave enough! 

a girl standing in front of grmecica falls near lake bohinj slovenia

Where to Stay at Lake Bohinj

There are plenty of options for places to stay at Lake Bohinj. Ribčev Laz, Ukanc and Stara Fužina are the three main towns near the lake and all offer some great accommodation options. 

Ribčev Laz 

Hotel Gasperin Bohinj: Just a short walk from the lake, Hotel Gasperin Bohinj offers large, clean rooms with a balcony and an excellent breakfast. The owners are friendly and helpful, and gave us a few suggestions for things to do in Bohinj. We really enjoyed our stay here and found little touches, like the 24-hour honesty bar and shelf of books to borrow, made us feel at home.

Hotel Bohinj: A 4-star hotel located steps from the lake, Hotel Bohinj offers panoramic views of the lake and mountains, as well as a restaurant and a swimming pool. This is one of the highest-rated Lake Bohinj hotels, but it is popular, so it’s best to book early. 


Camp Bohinj: If you’re looking for a different kind of accommodation, Camp Bohinj provides an opportunity to get out into nature and enjoy the stunning surroundings. Located on the shores of Lake Bohinj in Ukanc, on the opposite end of the lake from Ribčev Laz, Camp Bohinj has campsites for both tents and trailers available on a first-come, first-serve basis. No reservations are possible. Check daily availability here.

Where to Eat: Best Lake Bohinj Restaurants

There are quite a few good restaurants in Ribčev Laz. Here are some of our favourites, as well as ones that we recommended to us by locals.

Center Restaurant: Offers a selection of meat dishes, as well as pizza and salad. We ordered a mixed grill plate and a pizza, and it was excellent. There’s indoor or outdoor seating available. 

Foksner: Known for its hamburgers, Foksner is a great place to relax after a day of exploring. They cook the burgers out on the deck and have a selection of craft beer to choose from. it is a popular place and can be busy in the evenings. 

Okrepčevalnica Jezero – Baza: Great for quick bite to eat, this is a popular place by the lake. There’s outdoor seating and they’re open late – which was appreciated when we arrived in Bohinj much later than anticipated. After trying a few other restaurants that were closing, we arrived just as they were closing the kitchen, but they still managed to make the kids something to eat. Food was a bit pricey than other places, but as it’s a tourist town, that’s to be expected. 

Pod Brezo: Another great place for a quick bite to eat. There’s outdoor seating facing the lake, and the menu has a selection of cakes – the Bled Cream cake or local Grmada is excellent, as well as juices, coffee and wine. 

view of Lake Bohinj at sunset

How to Get to Lake Bohinj

Whether you’re coming from Ljubljana, Bled or the Soca Valley, getting to Bohinj is part of the adventure.  

By Car: Bohinj is just an hour’s drive from Ljubljana. Follow the signs for Bled and continue along the E61 highway for about 30 minutes past Bled until you reach Bohinj. 

If you’re coming from the Soca Valley, there is a car train that will save you a bit of driving! Unfortunately, we didn’t know about this until checking into our hotel in Bohinj, but it would have been a great way to get to Bohinj. 

Pro Tip: If you are driving to Bohinj, be aware that parking around the lake isn’t always the easiest, especially in the busy summer months. It’s best to look for accommodations (if you’re not just visiting Lake Bohinj for the day) that include parking. 

By Bus: Regular bus services connect Ljubljana and Bohinj. The journey takes around 2 hours and is a comfortable and affordable option. There are also buses that run between Bled and Bohinj. 

By Train: From Ljubljana, the train takes just under 2 hours and runs from Ljubljana to Bohinjska Bistrica, where you can continue to Ribčev Laz by bus or taxi. 

Day Trip from Ljubljana: If you’re short on time, it’s possible to visit both Lake Bohinj and Bled on a day trip. (We recommend spending more than a few hours in Bohinj, but if you’re short on time, a few hours is better than not seeing it at all!)

This day trip from Ljubljana stops in Lake Bled and then continues to Bohinj, where you’ll have time to enjoy the views, see the frescoes on the Church of St. John the Baptist and take a dip in the lake before returning to Ljubljana. 

When to Visit Lake Bohinj

Bohinj can be enjoyed year-round!  

Summer boasts warm temperatures, and the water is warm enough to swim in, however, it is also the busiest time in Bohinj. 

Spring and early Autumn are also great, with cooler weather, fewer crowds and gorgeous colours. Enjoy the wildflowers in the spring and the changing colours of the leaves in autumn, and both spring and autumn are perfect for hiking.  

Winter brings snow to the area, and Mount Vogel is popular for skiing and snowboarding. There are also plenty of opportunities for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.  

FAQ: Bohinj Lake Slovenia

Can you visit Bohinj as a day trip?

Yes, it’s possible to visit Bohinj as a day trip from either Ljubljana or Bled, but it’s such a beautiful area that I recommend spending more time in Bohinj if possible. 

Is Lake Bohinj worth visiting?

Absolutely! Set amid the Julian Alps, Lake Bohinj is one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia. With plenty of things to do, and fewer crowds than in more popular tourist destinations, like nearby Bled, Lake Bohinj is definitely worth a visit.

Is it better to stay in Bled or Bohinj?

Bled and Bohinj both offer great accommodation options, but are very different experiences. If you prefer a busier atmosphere with a wider range of amenities, restaurants and tourist attractions, Bled might be the better choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for a quieter and more laid-back experience, Bohinj might be more suitable. 

Can you swim in Lake Bohinj?

Absolutely! Lake Bohinj is known for its crystal-clear waters and is one of the nicest places to swim in Slovenia. As it’s a mountain lake, the water can be chilly earlier in the season, but warms up in July and August. There are several beaches and areas around the lake where you can relax and take a dip. 

How long does it take to walk around Lake Bohinj?

The trail around Lake Bohinj is 12 km long, and takes between 2 and 4 hours, depending on your pace and how often you stop along the way. 

How do you pronounce Bohinj?

In English, Bohinj is pronounced, “boh-een”.

Final Thoughts: Best Things to Do in Bohinj Slovenia

With crystal-clear waters and surrounded by the Julian Alps, Lake Bohinj offers a range of activities for every type of traveller. From boat rides across the lake to panoramic views from Mount Vogel, hiking one of the many trails or simply taking a dip in the turquoise water, there are plenty of things to do at Lake Bohinj.

Whether you’re planning a day trip or staying for a few days, there are plenty of activities in Bohinj, all guaranteed to make unforgettable memories in Slovenia.  

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