The Dusseldorf Christmas Market is one of the most underrated markets in Germany and should definitely be on your bucket list! 

With seven different Christmas Markets throughout the city, each with its own unique theme, Dusseldorf definitely knows how to get into the holiday spirit! 

Here’s your guide to the best markets, including locations, dates and times, plus what to eat and drink, and other Christmas Markets near Dusseldorf.

Dusseldorf Christmas Markets at a Glance

Why Visit: 7 different markets throughout the city, all with unique themes.
Christmas Market Dates: Nov 23 – Dec 30, 2023
Where to Stay: Budget, Mid-range or Luxury

Why Visit Dusseldorf Christmas Markets

While not as well-known as nearby Cologne or Nuremberg, Dusseldorf’s Christmas Markets are well worth a visit! 

With seven unique markets, all within walking distance of each other, you can easily visit multiple markets in one day and get a true taste of Dusseldorf’s holiday spirit! 

Dusseldorf city hall is the backdrop for the handwerker-markt, where red wooden huts with lights along the roof surround the statue of a man on a horse. a christmas tree is beside the statue and the Ferris wheel can be seen behind city hall.
© Düsseldorf Tourismus – Foto: U. Otte

Twinkling lights and holiday huts that serve warm glüwhein and tasty German treats make for a festive atmosphere, whether you’re shopping for handmade gifts or just enjoying the festive atmosphere. 

What’s more, Dusseldorf is located near some other fantastic markets like the well-known ones in Cologne.

Also, only a short train ride away, are the markets in Essen, Duisburg and Dortmund, which has the largest Christmas tree. So if you’re looking to extend your Christmas Market experience, there are plenty of options nearby!

Best Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf has seven markets located throughout the city, each with a unique theme and atmosphere. Here’s a guide to the best Dusseldorf Christmas Markets, including locations and what to expect at each one!

Dusseldorf Christmas Market Map
Dusseldorf Christmas Market Map (more information and details here)


Located at Heinrich-Heine-Platz, the Englechenmarkt (Angel’s Market) may be small but has such a festive atmosphere.

golden strands of lights decorate the underside of a pavilion top at the engelchen markt in Dusseldorf. lighted christmas trees surround the outside of the market and people are walking along the street

Large golden angels overlook the market from atop the pavilion in the center and wooden huts sell everything from handcrafted items to delicious treats, like potato pancakes!

It’s a perfect market to stroll through while you sip a glass of mulled wine. 


Set in the inner courtyard at Wilhelm-Marx-Hause, the Sternchenmarkt is a tiny market with a blue and white colour theme.

blue and white lights in the shape of hanging snowflakes hang overtop of the blue booths at the Sternchenmarkt at Dusseldorf christmas market
© Düsseldorf Tourismus – Foto: U. Otte

Stroll amidst the snow-covered huts, snowflakes and glittering stars, all under a canopy of blue and white lights.

There’s a traditional carousel and vendors selling jewelry, handicrafts, and of course, glüwhein and other warm beverages.

Altstadt Markt 

Set in the heart of the Old Town, and conveniently located between Engelchenmarket and Handwerker-Markt, is the Altstadt Markt. 

Wooden huts along Flinger Strasse, or Flinger Straße, are decorated to look like Dusseldorf’s old Burgher houses.

It’s a great spot to find handmade ornaments or try some delicious German food.

And you can’t miss the large Christmas pyramid selling warm glüwhein, which features important figures from Dusseldorf’s past. 


Set against the backdrop of Dusseldorf’s Rathaus, or City Hall, the Handwerker-Markt on Marktplatz is one of the larger Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf. 

Wooden huts are designed in the Renaissance-style and you’ll find glass blowers, painters and other artisans selling handcrafted products here.

There’s also a hand-carved, life-size nativity scene, a historic carousel and a large Christmas tree towering over the market. 

Marchen Markt

At Marchen Market, located on Schadowstrasse, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a fairy tale! 

German fairy tales are read aloud, similar to the Marchenwald in Mannheim, and the huts are topped with characters from Grimm brother fairytales. Some of the wood silhouettes even move! 

And with over 15,000 lights, this market creates a magical atmosphere that makes it a great Christmas Market in Dusseldorf to visit with kids. 

Kö-Bogen Markt 

Previously this market overlooked the Hofgarten, but is now located on Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz.

This open plaza now features Europe’s biggest greened facade and is a perfect spot to soak up the festive atmosphere. 

Here you’ll find live performances, carol singing and a carousel, as well as activities and crafts for kids. 

Schadow Markt 

Located on one of Dusseldorf’s popular shopping streets, Schadowstrasse, Schadow Markt is one of the most convenient markets to visit.

Set up a bit differently than the other Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf, here you’ll find festively decorated huts lining the street.

lighted booths decorated with branches and lights on top line the street on Schadowstrasse in Dusseldorf Germany
Courtesy of Dusseldorf Tourism

Browse the crafts, ornaments and festive treats for sale at the vendor huts and then do some Christmas shopping at the nearby stores.  


New in 2022, there will also be a market at the Kö! 

Huts will be set up along the street, which is one of Europe’s best-known shopping streets, so you can soak up even more festive atmosphere in Dusseldorf!

Other Things to Do at the Dusseldorf Christmas Markets

While shopping and sampling the treats is always a highlight of the Christmas Markets, there are also plenty of other things to do at the Dusseldorf markets.

Go Ice Skating on the Rink at Corneliusplatz 

Rent skates or bring your own and skate around the lighted rink. Or just watch the skaters from the sidelines as you sip on a warm beverage. 

See the Lichterdom

This dome of lights arches across the Benrather Strasse bridge, which crosses over the canal. 

Stroll under the dome, then walk along the canal for a perfect photo op. (Of course I didn’t have my camera or tripod, so there’s no fantastic photos – you‘ll just have to see for yourself!)

Ride the Ferris Wheel 

In Burgplatz, on the banks of the Rhine River is the iconic Dusseldorf Ferris wheel. Take a ride in the heated gondolas for a birds eye view of Dusseldorf.  

Ferris wheel in Dusseldorf germany.

What to Eat and Drink at Dusseldorf Christmas Market


Of course, every Christmas Market in Germany will have glüwhein – German mulled wine.

Each market will serve glüwhein in their own unique mug, which you pay a deposit for, called a pfand. It’s usually around 2 or 3 euros.

You get your deposit back when you return the mug, or you can choose to keep the mug as a souvenir. I try to keep at least one mug from each market that we visit, but with seven different markets in Dusseldorf, I had to limit myself to choosing just one mug.


Bratwurst is a traditional Christmas Market food in Germany that you’ll find at many stalls. There’s different varieties to try, but the classic version is always a good choice! 


Not only for breakfast, these potato pancakes are a delicious treat at a German Christmas market. They’re usually served with side of applesauce or sour cream, but you can also find some with sauteed mushrooms!


This is basically German pizza – a thin, crispy dough topped with cream cheese, onion, and bacon pieces. Other toppings are often available as well.


Originally a Hungarian food, langos are now commonly found at German Christmas Markets. Deep-fried dough is covered with garlic sauce or sour cream and then topped with grated cheese. I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried them (they’re not gluten-friendly), but they come highly recommended!

Other German Christmas Markets Nearby

While there’s plenty to do in Dusseldorf, there’s also quite a few Christmas Markets nearby. We used Dusseldorf as a base and did day trips to other towns nearby.


The Cologne Christmas Market is one of the most well-known Christmas Markets in Germany and it’s only a 30 minute train ride from Dusseldorf!

The Cathedral Market greets you as soon as you exit the train station and there are at least 6 other markets throughout the city.

While most are within walking distance, there’s also a Christmas Market Express train that runs between four of the largest markets. 


Featuring over 300 traditional wooden stalls, the Dortmund Christmas Market is one of the biggest in Germany. It also has one of the largest Christmas trees in Germany.

Dortmund is about an hour’s train ride from Dusseldorf and worth a visit!


One of our favourite Christmas Markets, and one I would recommend if you’re visiting with kids, is Essen. It’s one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Germany and it’s only a short 30-minute train ride from Dusseldorf. 

two children stand under a lighted dome at the Essen christmas market

There are impressive light displays throughout the town, starting from the train station and along to the main market at Kennedyplatz. Some of the displays are large and kids can walk through or sit on them for a photo.

There are also plenty of wooden stalls along the way, selling everything from ornaments to delicious treats.


Another short train ride away, the Duisburg Christmas Market is a smaller market with 100 wooden stalls.

It’s a great market to visit and can be combined with a day trip to Essen.

Duisburg is also one of the longest-running markets in Germany, opening mid-November.

Tips for Visiting the Dusseldorf Christmas Market

  • Bring cash, as not all vendors accept credit or debit
  • Dress warmly! It can be cold in Dusseldorf in December, so be sure to bundle up! Layers are a great way to stay warm. 
  • Christmas Markets can be busy. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, aim to visit during the week rather than on weekends. The first weekend the market open is also usually the busiest weekend!
  • If you are travelling as a family, here are a few more tips if you are visiting Christmas Markets with kids.

Dusseldorf Christmas Market Dates for 2023 

The Christmas markets in Dusseldorf run from November 23rd to December 30th, 2023 and are open every day, except Christmas Day.

Hours: Sunday to Thursday 11-8, Friday and Saturday 11 – 9
Exceptions: Christmas Eve (December 24)  11- 3, December 26 from 2-8, closed Christmas Day

Where to Stay for Dusseldorf Christmas Markets 

Dusseldorf is a large city with a variety of accommodation options to suit any budget. Here are some recommendations for where to stay, depending on your budget

Budget: Bellevue Hotel
Located a 10-minute walk from Königsallee and 20 minutes to Aldstadt, the Bellevue Hotel is a great choice for those looking for a budget hotel in Dusseldorf. Complimentary tea and coffee are provided all day long in the lobby, rooms are clean and comfortable and breakfast is included. It’s also a short 7-minute walk to the train station and there are plenty of restaurants and shops nearby.

Mid-range: Leonardo Royal Hotel Düsseldorf Königsallee
Only a 10-minute walk from Altstadt, and steps from Königsallee, the Leonardo Royal Hotel Düsseldorf Königsallee is in a great location and close to the Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf. Rooms are clean and comfortable, and great value for money. A breakfast buffet is available each morning and there’s also a restaurant and bar on-site.

Luxury: Hotel Favor
Located on Königsallee at Schadowplatz, Hotel Favor is only steps from the Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf. Featuring rooms that are stylishly decorated with floor-to-ceiling windows and a seating area, this newly-opened 4-star hotel is a great choice for a luxurious stay in Dusseldorf. 

Final Thoughts on the Dusseldorf Christmas Market

We chose to visit the Christmas Markets in Dusseldorf, really because it was the best flight deal for us from Tirana, Albania and seemed a perfect way to experience a German Christmas market after spending 6 weeks in South Eastern Europe.

But I’m so glad we did, as the Dusseldorf Christmas Markets were an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend them if you’re looking to visit a Christmas Market in Germany!

If you’re planning on visiting the Dusseldorf Christmas Markets or any other German Christmas Markets, I hope this guide has been helpful. If you have any questions or tips to share, please leave a comment below!

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