Looking for the best playgrounds in Halifax? Here are 13 of the best playgrounds in the city, all tried and tested by my own kids over the years. 

Playgrounds are a wonderful – and FREE – way to get kids outdoors, all while having fun and burning off some energy. And Halifax is lucky enough to have some great playgrounds, many with interesting features such as fun climbing walls, large wooden towers, slides built into the hillside and of course – it’s Halifax, after all – a large submarine on the waterfront. 

Here are 14 of the best Halifax playgrounds, as well as two indoor play areas in the city, and some other good playgrounds in the Halifax region. 

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Best Playgrounds in Halifax

1. Dingle Playground 

📍260 Dingle Road in Sir Sandford Fleming Park
Free parking, public washrooms nearby

Just outside of the downtown area on the Northwest Arm, Sir Sanford Fleming Park may still be in the city, but it feels like you’re in another world. And here, amidst the trails and nature, you’ll find Halifax’s first all-natural playground. 

Designed for kids of all ages to safely challenge themselves, the Dingle playgrounds feature tree trunks, climbing bars and rope nets for climbers of all ages. 

wood playground with tall tower at Dingle Park in Halifax

My guys were just 4 when they first attempted these ropes, and it was a stretch for their little legs to reach some of the spots, but they made it. At 8, they could climb across the logs easily and still enjoyed playing here.

A tall log tower also represents the iconic Dingle Tower found elsewhere in the park. Multiple rope levels allow kids to climb to the top and then slide down the tall slide to the bottom. 

The Dingle Playground is located in Sir Sanford Fleming Park, which is one of the best parks in Halifax to explore. It’s home to plenty of trails, a frog pond, the large granite Dingle Tower and a city beach, which is supervised in the summer months.

2. Submarine Playground

📍1655 Lower Water St, Halifax Waterfront
Paid parking, public washrooms nearby

Right on the Halifax Waterfront, this is my kids’ absolute favourite place playground in Halifax.

The bright orange submarine structure is about halfway along the boardwalk and makes a great place to stop while strolling along the waterfront.

this submarine play structure is one of the best playgrounds in Halifax, located right on the waterfront near the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

The play area has two levels of fun with submarine-themed features, including a periscope and portholes, as well as a slide, rope climbing net and other climbing features.

Padded floors make it safe for kids to play, and there are also a few bouncy figures to ride on and an octopus wall behind the play structure.

The submarine playground is right across from the iconic wave, and as it’s on the waterfront boardwalk, parking can be found nearby, but it is only free on evenings and weekends.

3. Fort Needham

📍5515 Stairs Place 
Free street parking, Public washrooms on site

Located in Fort Needham Memorial Park, this is one of my kids’ all-time favourite playgrounds. And we’ve seen quite a few, like the playgrounds in Prague and Vienna, and a fantastic one in Santiago, so that’s saying a lot! 

To be honest, as a parent, I fell in love with this playground too.

The play structure is made of 90% natural materials, including wood logs to balance on, tree trunk steps to climb on and large, hollow wooden pentagon-shaped boxes to climb through or rest in.

wooden playground in Halifax at Fort Needham park

There are natural wooden structures to climb, wooden cannons to sit on, a lookout tower and wooden steps that climb the side of a hill. The steps lead up to a slide, which is built into the side of the hill. There are also other metal slides, hanging bars and a spider web climber. 

In addition to the playground area, Fort Needham is a great park to explore. There is plenty of grass area to sit and have a picnic lunch, or walk along the paths.

At the other end of the park is the Halifax Explosion Memorial Bell Tower, and from here, you’ll have great views of the city and the bridge crossing the harbour. 

4. Gorsebrook

📍111 Robie St
Free parking, no washrooms

The Gorsebrook playground is another of Halifax’s best playgrounds.

It’s accessible, with wide, paved pathways and easy entrance into the play areas. There are three main sections; two for toddlers and a larger one for older kids.

The toddler play structure has a small tunnel and bridge, as well as a few smaller slides, and another small play structure for toddlers and preschoolers with traditional monkey bars and a climbing web.

There’s also a larger play structure for older kids, with plenty of things to climb on, including an infinity climber and climbing nets, as well as hanging rings, rope walls, ladders, and a circle of monkey rings and hanging bars.

green, blue and grey play structure at Gorsebrook Park in Halifax

The larger play structure has a cushioned ground, which I was pretty grateful for when one of my kids lost his grip on the monkey bars and landed right on his tailbone.

In addition to the play structures, there is a large xylophone, oversize wind chimes and drums for kids to play on. 

Besides the playground, there’s also a large grass field, which is perfect for kicking a soccer ball around.

5. Halifax Commons

📍5824 Cogswell St, Downtown Halifax
Paid parking, public washrooms nearby

One of the biggest play areas in Halifax, the Halifax Commons is right in the downtown area near the Citadel.

The playground has two play areas; one for toddlers and a larger one for older kids which features monkey bars, slides and climbing structures.

But to be honest, the reason this play area makes our list of the best playgrounds in Halifax is everything else that the Commons has to offer.

Besides the play structures, there’s also a splash pad and outdoor pool in the summer, as well as tennis courts, baseball diamonds and a large skate park. Even if kids can’t skateboard or scooter yet, it’s still fun to run up the ramps and even down into the bowls. 

The play area is also right across the street from the Emera Oval where you can rollerblade, bike or scooter in the summer months and going for a skate there is one of the best things to do in Halifax in the winter.

6. Jumpstart Playground

📍2500 Brunswick Street

One of the newer playgrounds in Halifax, the Jumpstart Playground in Dixon Park is a fantastic addition to the neighbourhood.

This fully accessible playground has double wide ramps, accessible swings and spaces for wheelchairs in the accessible merry-go-round.

There’s also a shaded multi-level climbing structure, several different slides and plenty of other climbing and balancing equipment.

grey and red play equipment with a red padded floor in downtown Halifax - the jumpstart playground is one of the newest playgrounds in halifax

A large, fun double seesaw in the middle of the play structure has large seats, and the entire playground has a padded ground, ensuring safety for all.

In addition to the play equipment, there’s also different musical instruments to try, a set of swings that include toddler and accessible swings, a seek & find and other activities throughout the play area.

Benches are set around the play area and a grassy hill with plenty of large trees provides shade around the perimeter of the play area.

There’s also a basketball court and a splash pad, perfect for keeping cool in the summer.

7. Peace & Friendship

📍Hollis Street

Conveniently located across from the Train Station and the Westin Hotel, the Peace & Friendship Park is a great spot to let kids burn off some energy while in the South End.

The train-themed playground has a fun train-shaped play structure, as well as wooden train car benches.

There are also a few swings and slides and a climbing frame for older kids, as well as lots of open grass to kick a ball around. 

8. Isleville Park

📍3460 Isleville St
Free street parking, no washrooms

Located in the North End, Isleville Park is one of the best playgrounds in Halifax.

With plenty of grassy areas to kick a soccer ball around, a few picnic tables and benches, and a really fun splash pad, it’s a local favourite in the summer months.

The park features three separate play areas, each with different elements and suited for different ages. There are two sets of swings, a tube slide and a covered sandbox, which is perfect for those hot, sunny days.

And parents can rest easy, as the playground is fenced all the way around. 

9. Westmount School Playground 

📍6700 Edward Arab Ave

Located in the West End near the Halifax Shopping Centre, the Westmount Playground features an accessible playground that’s perfect for wheelchairs or strollers.

The play area features a climbable fire truck, monkey bars, ramps, slides and swings for both toddlers and older children.

There’s also a splash pad in the summer and a large field that’s perfect to throw a ball around in.

10. Kiwanis Playground, Ferry Terminal Park 

📍88 Alderney Drive, Dartmouth
Paid parking (free on Sundays), public washrooms nearby

While this playground isn’t actually in Halifax, it’s just across the harbour in Dartmouth, right at the ferry terminal.

So if you’re looking for a fun day out, take the ferry over from Halifax – which is a fun adventure for kids to start with – then spend some time at the Kiwanis Ferry Terminal Park playground, before taking the ferry back to Halifax. 

The playground is located right at Alderney Landing, just southeast of the ferry terminal (exit the doors by Tim Hortons and you’re right at the playground).

There’s a large play structure in neon green and grey which my kids think it may be a spaceship, but whatever it is, it’s still fun!

neon green, grey and blue play structure at the ferry terminal in Dartmouth Nova Scotia

With lots of climbing features, including climbing walls and nets, as well as slides and a foam floor to minimize any scrapes and bruises.

There’s also a large spinning carousel for parents to push the kids around on, as well as benches for parents to relax on, or take in views of the harbour, while the kids play. 

11. Kearney Lake Playground

📍Saskatoon Drive, Halifax
Free parking, public washrooms on site 

Another great Halifax playground can be found at Kearney Lake. While it’s a great all-year-round playground, it’s especially awesome in the summer, when you can enjoy the beach as well! 

There are swings and slides and the typical play structure features, but there’s also plenty of grass area and a sandy beach, perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day. Lifeguards are on duty during July and August.

12. Sackville Inclusive Play Park 

📍650 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville
Free parking, washrooms nearby

Designed with accessibility in mind, this fun playground features a wide range of inclusive play structures and adaptive equipment that makes playing fun for all kids. 

Ramps allow easy access to the play structure and there are games and puzzles – the teacher in me loves the abacus and spinning letters – along the walkway.

There’s also a slide perfect for smaller kids, and three bigger slides which are designed for older kids, with various climbing structures to get to the top.

Located right across from the Sackville Library, this playground is easy to access and close to the Sackville Splash Pad, if you’re visiting in the summer. 

13. Dewolf Park in Bedford

📍150 Waterfront Drive, Bedford
Free parking, public washrooms

Right on the Bedford Waterfront, this popular play area offers beautiful views of the Bedford Basin as well as a huge playground.

There are two play structures, one for toddlers and preschoolers and another for older kids.

The ground is cushioned, which is great for keeping kids safe from falls as they use the slides, climbing walls and spinning carousel. 

The park also has walking paths and picnic tables, so bring a picnic lunch and spend the day!  

14. Upper Musquodoboit Wooden Playground

📍8765 NS-224, Musquodoboit
Free parking on-site, portable toilet (no flush toilets)

Nova Scotia’s largest wooden playground is a bit of a distance from Halifax, but if you’re up for a drive, it’s worth it!

Featuring plenty of large wooden castle-like structures, kids will love climbing and playing at this amazing playground. In fact, my kids proclaimed it to be “maze-tastic”!

There are also slides and plenty of ropes to climb and walk along, as well as monkey bars and lots of impressive towers to climb up.

wood ramps and towers with green roofs at the big wooden playground in Musquodoboit Nova Scotia

In addition to the cool play structures, kids can use their imagination in the different themed sections, like the post office and general store.

One of the only things that are not wooden at this playground is the swings, including two different tire swings.

The entire play area has wood chips covering the ground, cushioning any slips or falls.

There’s also a shaded picnic area, so bring a picnic lunch and spend the day! 

Indoor Playgrounds in Halifax

If the weather’s not great and you’re looking for somewhere fun to keep your kids entertained, these indoor play places in Halifax are a great choice. 

Hop! Skip! Jump! Indoor Play Place

📍150 Susie Lake Crescent, Halifax 

Nova Scotia’s newest and largest indoor play place, Hop! Skip! Jump! lives up to its name and offers a fun place for kids to get some energy out while having fun. 

The play area features three levels of fun, with a ball blaster area, ball pool and wave slides, as well as a climbing wall and spider climbing tower.

There’s also a dedicated area for toddlers, including a space spinner and spinning palm tree, as well as a toddler-sized trampoline and merry-go-round.

And for the parents, there’s plenty of comfortable seating to relax and keep an eye on your little ones.

Socks must be worn in the play area, and that includes parents as well! 

Admission fees: Kids 5-12 $16.99, aged 1-4 $13.99, free for infants under 12 months
Play pass valid from either 10 am – 2 pm or 3 – 7 pm weekdays; 9 am – 3 pm or 3 – 8 pm Saturdays and Sundays  

Ice Patch Hollow 

📍1595 Bedford Highway, Bedford (in Sunnyside Mall)

Based on a story by a local author, Ice Patch Hollow is a fun indoor play place where Joey the Penguin and his friends live and play. Kids can play in this make-believe village in Antarctica.

The large play structure features different areas for climbing, crawling, swinging and sliding.

There’s also a separate area with large, soft building blocks and shorter slides, perfect for toddlers.

It’s good for kids aged 1-12 and is a popular spot for birthday party rentals. 

Pin image for this post - best playgrounds in Halifax Nova Scotia

Final Thoughts: Best Playgrounds in Halifax

Halifax has plenty of great playgrounds to choose from. No matter where you are in the city, chances are there’s a fun play area nearby.

Whether you’re looking for natural, wooden playgrounds, fun playgrounds with splash pads to cool off in the summer, accessible options, or indoor playgrounds for those rainy, days, there’s a perfect playground in the area for you. 

So with plenty of playgrounds in Halifax to choose from, which one will you try first? 

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