Looking for unique travel gifts for mom this year? Whether you are looking for a travel gift for mom for mother’s day, a birthday or a ‘just because’ present, here are some great gifts for women who love to travel.

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Finding gifts for Mom isn’t always easy! Chances are if she needs something, she will buy it herself. But if you know a mom who loves to travel, there are lots of fun travel accessories that mom probably hasn’t bought for herself yet.

When getting ready to travel somewhere, mom is often the one busy planning what to pack, what to take in the carry-on bags, along activities and snacks for the kids, but she doesn’t always think about anything extra to pack for herself. Help Mom out for the next trip by treating her with something special for the next adventure!

(Someone once told me it’s the little things that make travel more enjoyable!)

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite gifts for women who love to travel. And moms – feel free to share this list with someone who might need some ideas for you!

Awesome Travel Gifts for Moms

Portable Coffee

Moms need coffee. At least this mom does. And when you’re travelling, it’s not always easy to make a good cup of coffee. Here’s where the aeropress comes in handy. All you need to add is some hot water, and voila, you’ve got a perfect cup of coffee! Small, portable and easy to pack, the aeropress should be in every mom’s travel bag.
*If mom is a fan of nespresso, there is also a similar style made specifically for the nespresso pods.

Infinity Travel Scarf

While moms like to look stylish, this travel scarf has another purpose. It conveniently has a hidden pocket that is perfect for storing phones, keys and passports, all while looking stylish and keeping important belongings close and safe!

Jewelry Organizer

Perfect for keeping jewelry organized and tangle-free, this jewelry organizer has different clips, pockets and pouches to store rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Available in three sizes, it makes a perfect gift for Mom!

Electronics Accessories Organizer

An electronics organizer may not sound like a fun present, but believe me, it’s useful! Instead of hunting around for the charging cord, the extra SIM card or even your headphones, this electronics organizer keeps everything conveniently in one place. With elastic loops, zip pockets and dedicated spaces for SIM cards, it holds everything in place. I love the zip closure, so that nothing falls out.


When travelling to other part of the world, the water isn’t always safe to drink! The Lifestraw helps eliminate this concern by removing 99.99% of bacteria and parasites from the water, making most water drinkable. It’s small and compact, easily fitting in luggage without taking up any space. Purchasing the Lifestraw also makes an impact, as with each purchase, a school child in need receives safe drinking water for a year.

Mini Manicure Set

A nice, splurge-worthy gift for Mom, or anyone really! A mini manicure set comes with all the tools needed to have a manicure or pedicure while travelling. The small case is easy to carry in a backpack, purse or luggage. Spoil Mom with this travel sized manicure set!

Airplane Footrest

Rest those feet during a flight! This airplane footrest hangs on the arms of the tray table, supporting the feet and giving them a hammock like experience. It helps prevent lower back pain, stiffness and swelling and can also be used on trains, buses or even at the office desk! It’s small and easy to carry in its’ own bag, fitting easily in a carry-on bag or purse. Treat Mom and let her relax on the next flight!

Travel Towel

A travel towel is a must-have in any travel essentials list.

My kids have the kid poncho version of these towels and we absolutely love them. The adult version is just as great – it’s stylish, comfortable to use and dries easily. (It also comes in a poncho version, if you prefer!)

Straw Hat

Now I will admit, I do not travel with one of these hats, but every time we go somewhere where it’s hot and sunny and I see all the women wearing them, I wish I had one! This one is one the boys are gifting mom this year (hint, hint) and soon I’ll be sporting one at the beach too!

Door Stop

This might seem like an odd gift, but let me tell you, a travel door stop will give mom some added security and peace of mind when she is staying. Just pop it under the door, turn it on and if the door is opened, an alarm will sound.

After having someone try to open our hotel door once, I bought a set of these to use. They make me feel a bit more secure when travelling, especially since we often stay in apartments or airbnb type accommodations. A practical gift for women that travel.

Travel Passport Wallet

One of the most useful travel gifts for mom is a passport wallet. Chances are that Mom is carrying not only her own passport, but also the kids passports and boarding passes. Having them all in one spot is super helpful and ensuring that nothing gets lost before boarding the plane or train. (Not like this mom who once lost one of the kids’ boarding passes and had to exit security and go back to the check in desk for another copy. Since that day, I invested in a travel wallet and don’t regret it!)

Conveniently storing passports, debit and credit cards, this travel wallet also has RFID blocking material, protecting the private information on the cards inside. Bonus is that it’s stylish too!

Travel Hangers

Nothing is worse than going to unpack your clothes and realizing there are no hangers! But with a set of travel hangers, Mom won’t have to worry! These travel hangers are lightweight and compact, folding small to fit in luggage without taking up too much space. They’re also adjustable to fit baby clothes or unfold all the way to fit adult clothing. Travel hangers are also great if you need to do laundry while travelling – just wash and hang your clothes to dry!

Travel Hairdryer

Now I am not a hairdryer kind of girl but many women are! And while travelling, a hairdryer may not always be available at your accommodation. While many hotels will have a hairdryer available, but they are not the greatest! And packing a regular hairdryer takes up a lot of room in the luggage. This is where a travel hair dryer comes in! They’re small and compact, and mom won’t ever have to worry about whether or not she will be able to dry her hair while travelling.

Travel-themed Necklace

What mom doesn’t like jewelry? Well, there might be a few, to be honest. But if Mom does like jewelry,  a travel-themed necklace is a great idea. Necklaces are small enough that they won’t draw undue attention while travelling, yet enough to accessorize an outfit and make Mom feel like she’s dressing up, even if she’s wearing the same clothes from her carry-on a few times in a row.

There are quite a few different options on Amazon or Etsy, but if you’re looking for some suggestions, here’s a gorgeous earth pendant necklace, this one with a map pendant or a compass to represent Mom’s wanderlust spirit.

Whichever one you choose, they are all great travel gifts for Mom and she will be sure to appreciate it!

World Map

A world map is a beautiful gift for anyone, but a scratch off map makes it even more personal. Mom can scratch off all of the places she has been, keeping a special reminder of all of her travels. She can also daydream and plan future travels!

Travel Journal

Help Mom plan for the next trip with this travel planner journal. Jot down ideas on where to visit and things to do, keep packing lists and accommodation details in one place. There’s also space to journal while travelling or to add postcards, pictures or other momentos. A great gift for Mom!

Now the hardest part is deciding which of these awesome travel gifts for mom will be the first on your list! Happy shopping!

(and you’re welcome, Mom!)

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