Although it’s the second smallest continent in the world, Europe is probably one of the most popular destinations for international travel. With an extraordinary and well-known history, and a variety of cultures and languages within the continent, there’s definitely a reason that it’s a popular place for many to visit.

There are plenty of popular tourist attractions, from Paris and London, to Rome and Barcelona, but these is more to discover in Europe!

While I backpacked through Western Europe for a few months MANY years ago (before the age of digital cameras and when internet cafes were still a thing), admittedly I haven’t taken my kids there yet.

Yet being the key word – it is in our plans, but there are so many other family-friendly places to explore in Europe that we haven’t made it to the more traditional tourist sites in Western Europe yet.

There’s something magical about Europe that you have to experience. You’ll find castles and cathedrals, palaces and ancient ruins, vineyards, mountains and beaches – honestly, there’s something for everyone in Europe. And the best part is how close the countries are – you can drive between several countries, sometimes just in a few hours!

Below you can find some destinations and itineraries of places to travel with kids in Europe.

While I do travel with kids, I still like to explore and do some of the tourist things, see the attractions and get a feel for the destination. Meaning, most of these “things to do in …” posts are great for adults and kids alike, but we also try to include some kid-friendly ideas too.

Browse through the countries listed below, or use the menu above to search specific countries. And hopefully we’ll be adding more to these destinations soon!