About Us

Hi, I’m Erin, the mom behind this blog and as you can probably guess, we love to travel!

Over the past few years, the boys and I have travelled to 18 countries, spending anywhere from a week to a few months travelling together.

And we’ve had some interesting adventures, from exploring cities to visiting the rainforest and the desert, experiencing a hurricane and an earthquake, and even countries shutting down with covid, but that hasn’t deterred us from travelling.

-wanderlust with kids –

What originally started as a blog about life with twins, and a bit of travel, quickly evolved to a site about travel with kids.

I loved to travel before having kids, and wasn’t sure how it was going to work with little ones, but I was eager to try!

As a solo parent, I couldn’t fly with the boys until they were 2 (Canadian airlines won’t allow two infants to one adult), but once they were old enough, we started adventuring internationally.

Our first few trips were only a week long but there were lots of lessons learned.

We quickly figured out the best way for us to travel, and in 2019 we took off to South Eastern Europe for 2 months.

It was an amazing trip and showed us (me, really) that we could handle long term travel.

We had great plans for 2020, but unfortunately COVID cut our plans short and we returned home early from South America and stayed in Ontario for the rest of the year.

The silver lining is that we had a chance to explore Ontario and realize how great our home province is!

But in the spring of 2021, we sold our house – with the intention of travelling full-time – and spent 7 months road-tripping through Northern Ontario and Eastern Canada but then we fell in love with Nova Scotia and decided to make that our new home base.

Hopefully some of our trips and tips will inspire you on your travels!

You can also find us on Instagram, where we share more of our travel adventures!

Here’s some fun facts about us!

  1. I’m Canadian and absolutely love my country, but I also like to explore other places.
    You’ll see a fair bit of Ontario content on our blog, as that’s been our home since the boys were born but we also love the East Coast, and have recently made Nova Scotia our new home.
  2. Coffee is a necessity.
    We’ve tried some excellent coffee on our travels – including the vending machines in Bulgaria that give you a hot cup of espresso for pennies!
  3. I LOVE pickles.
    One of the benefits of travelling to Eastern Europe is that you’ll find pickles everywhere.
  4. I also love red wine, and some of our favourite places on our travels just happen to have excellent wine! =) And yes, there are some kid-friendly winery tours – we did an excellent tour at both Emiliana Winery in Chile and the Vipava Valley in Slovenia.
  5. I’m a runner.
    I’ve completed two marathons, way too many half marathons and quite a few triathlons. Running is my happy place, where I can let my mind wander and (usually) come up with some great ideas – and blog posts!
  6. I love sticky notes.
    I use them for everything. Every day. Not a lie.
    And yes, we take them when we travel – they can be used for everything and anything from hanging artwork up in hotel rooms to writing out daily itineraries and grocery lists.
  7. I love being outdoors.
    Well, really, I love that my kids are spending time outdoors, and although I’m not a fan of the cold winters, it still makes my day a bit better when we’ve spent time outdoors.

The boys

  1. The boys aren’t identical, but are often asked if they are, as most people can’t tell them apart.
  2. They’re only two minutes apart and were 5lb3oz and 4lbs2oz at birth.
  3. L loves to help mom with everything and makes a great cup of coffee!
  4. They love lego, drawing and being outside, especially if there is mud involved.
  5. The boys love to climb, especially clock towers and sand dunes! Honestly, if we’re discussing possible destinations, one of their first questions is ‘are there clock towers to climb?”
  6. R is fascinated with cacti and wants to visit the Atacama desert again. He’s also becoming a great photographer and you’ll see his name on some of the photo credits throughout our site.
  7. The boys love hiking and even completed two 8-hour-long hikes at age 6, one of which was hiking the Sleeping Giant for 23km!
  8. They both help out with this site now, whether creating Google maps, providing research or uploading and optimizing photos.