Looking for ideas on souvenirs from Slovenia? Here are 15 great suggestions, no matter which area of the country you are visiting.

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Slovenia is a beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage, and there are plenty of unique souvenirs from Slovenia that will remind you of your travels through the country. 

And with its varied landscape that ranges from the Julian Alps to the Mediterranean coast and from fascinating karsts to excellent wineries, it makes sense that the souvenirs from Slovenia will be just as diverse. 

From traditional crafts that reflect Slovenia’s heritage to delicious treats that tempt your taste buds, there are plenty of options for unique and interesting souvenirs that will allow you to bring a piece of this fascinating country back home with you. 

Here are 15 of the best, and most unique souvenirs from Slovenia to pick up on your travels through this gorgeous country. 

Best Souvenirs from Slovenia

Here are a few ideas on what to bring back from Slovenia, from traditional crafts to delicious treats and unique items you’ll only find in Slovenia. 

1. Salt

Salt is a staple in Slovene households, and salt harvesting has a very long tradition in Slovenia. Along the Slovenian coastline, the Sečovlje and Strunjan salt pans uphold the ancient tradition of salt harvesting. Salt is still harvested by hand, just as it has been for more than 700 years. 

Visit the Sečovlje salt pans near Piran, where you can see how salt is harvested. Salt from Piran is known for its outstanding quality and makes for a great souvenir, especially if you’ve visited the Piran salt pans. 

a woman holding salt in her hands - salt is a great souvenir from Slovenia

Salt from the Slovenian coast can also be found in supermarkets and souvenir shops throughout the country.

2. Wine

Slovenia’s wine-making tradition dates back centuries – in fact, the oldest vine in the world is found in Maribor. While it’s not as well-known as neighbouring countries like Italy and Croatia, Slovenia produces some excellent and unique wines. 

Well-known wines include the ruby red Teren which is produced in the Karst region of Slovenia and whites such as Rebula, Zelen and Pinela. 

wines on display in wipach winery in slovenia

Many family-run wineries in the Vipava Valley allow for tastings and tours, where you can sample a few different varieties before buying.

I usually prefer red wine, but the Zelen I tried at Wipach Winery was excellent! If only I wasn’t travelling with carry-on only, we would have brought some home with us!

Na zdravje!

3. Honey 

Slovenia has a long tradition of beekeeping and the country is known for the high quality of its honey. You’ll find different types of honey throughout the country, as the diverse landscape and flora result in unique flavours and tastes.

From the light and delicate acacia honey to the rich and flavourful forest honey from the Kočevje region or the mineral-rich honey from the Karst region, each has its own unique taste while maintaining the high quality that Slovenia is known for.

You can find jars of Slovenian honey in souvenir shops, tourist centers and any supermarket in Slovenia.  

4. Painted Bee Hive Boards

These are one of the most original souvenirs from Slovenia, in fact, I’m pretty sure Slovenia is the only place you would find these. 

Slovenia is a big beekeeping area, and traditional wooden beehives include removable boxes that create individual hives. These kranjic hives have panels above the entrance of the bee hive, which are painted and decorated with traditional images and stories. 

painted bee hive boards make a great souvenir from slovenia

While this tradition died out by the early 1900s, the painted beehive panels have become one of the traditional souvenirs from Slovenia and are a lovely way to remember your time in Slovenia. 

5. Wooden Crafts

As two-thirds of Slovenia is covered by forest, it’s no surprise that wood products are common to see throughout the country. 

Wood products range from beautifully carved items to more simple and functional wooden ware. You’ll see wooden items such as kitchen utensils and bowls at markets, souvenir kiosks and souvenir shops throughout Slovenia.

There are also some gorgeous cutting boards and unique wine glasses, which paired with a bottle of Slovenian wine, would make a great souvenir for someone at home. 

6. Felt Slippers 

In Slovenia, it’s customary to change from shoes into slippers when entering a home, whether as a guest at someone’s house or at your own home.

The felt slippers that you’ll see throughout Slovenia are perfect for this and are one of the most traditional souvenirs from Slovenia.

Made from jezersko-solčava sheep wool, felt slippers are warm and comfortable and make a practical gift for someone at home, or even yourself. Slippers are great for hotel rooms too!

7. Lace

Slovenian lace, especially from the town of Idrija is intricate and delicate, and known to be the highest quality lace in the world.

lace design in progress as seen in slovenia

You’ll see plenty of handmade lace items throughout Slovenia, from traditional handkerchiefs, napkins and towels to more unique items, like necklaces, earrings and even clothing.

8. Dragon from Ljubljana 

The Ljubljana Dragon is a symbol deeply rooted in Slovenian mythology and is famous for its legend of founding the city. 

Four dragons proudly stand atop the Dragon Bridge in the heart of Ljubljana, and they can also be seen on the city’s flag. 

Each and every souvenir shop in Ljubljana will have dragons of various shapes and sizes, from coloured plush dragons for kids to magnets, postcards and dragon figurines. 

You might even see the city’s dragon mascot while walking down the street!

two people in dragon costumes walking down the street in Ljubljana

9. Olm 

The remarkable olm, or proteus, is a unique creature that lives in Postojna Cave and other caves in the area.

These long, white creatures are often referred to as “human fish” due to their pale skin colour and can live to be 100 years old.

the white olm looks purple under the lights in the terrarium at Postojna Cave in slovenia. olms are popular souvenirs from slovenia

They’ve become a well-known symbol of Postojna Cave, and make a great souvenir of your visit to Slovenia, especially if you visit the karst caves. 

10. Truffles

For foodies, Slovenian truffles, or tartufata, are fantastic souvenirs to bring home. Tartufata is a truffle sauce made from mushrooms, sunflower oil and black truffles and it’s a great addition to pasta, rice, eggs and even pizza. 

If you’re visiting Piran or other areas on the Istrian coast like Pula, you’re sure to see truffle-infused dishes on menus at local restaurants.

The Istrian region is renowned for its truffle-rich forests, and you can find various truffle products including truffle oils and spreads at specialty stores in the area. 

11. Pumpkin Seed Oil

Another item that you’ll find in every Slovenian kitchen is pumpkin seed oil. Also called green gold, it has a distinctive nutty taste and is perfect for drizzling over salads, soups or roasted vegetables.

Areas like Styria and Prekmurje have been growing pumpkins since the 18th century and are well-known for producing pumpkin seed oil.

If you’re not a fan of pumpkin seed oil, Slovenia is also known for its high-quality olive oil, which is found on the Istrian peninsula.

12. Slovenian Crystal 

Slovenian crystal is renowned for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

The town of Rogaška Slatina is famous for its crystal production and you can see the artisans at work or explore the Rogaška Glassworks Museum.

And while it’s not the easiest souvenir to bring back, a piece of crystal can be a gorgeous reminder of your time in Slovenia.

13. Wishing Bell from Bled

Lake Bled is one of the most popular places to visit in Slovenia and is known for its picturesque island with a church in the middle of the lake.

It’s said that by ringing the bell hanging in the church tower, your wish will come true and bring you good luck.

To keep the magic alive, bringing home a small replica of the wishing bell is a great reminder of your visit to Lake Bled and Slovenia. 

14. Lect Heart

Lect hearts are gorgeously decorated cookies that are made from honey-infused dough and resemble the gingerbread that you see at German Christmas markets.

These cookies have been a part of Slovenia’s cultural history since the late 1700s, although some say the tradition goes back even further.

beautifully decorated gingerbread hearts are a traditional souvenir from slovenia
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Over the generations, Lect hearts have become more of a symbol rather than something to eat.

Lect hearts were traditionally a symbol of love and affection, but now are a traditional and unique souvenir from Slovenia. 

15. Cook Book

Slovenia has some excellent dishes and a Slovenian cookbook is an excellent souvenir for anyone looking to recreate the flavours of Slovenia at home.

Take time to browse through local bookstores or souvenir shops to find a cookbook that suits your preferences.

There are some beautifully illustrated books that not only provide recipes but also offer information on the significance or traditions of each dish. 

Other Souvenirs from Slovenia to Consider

In addition to the ones listed above, the following are souvenirs you might want to consider bringing back with you. 

Bovec Cheese

A delicious hard full-fat cheese made from raw sheep’s milk, Bovec cheese is a unique type of cheese with a distinct and intense aroma. It has a designated 

Potica Cake

Slovenia’s traditional cake, Potica is made from rolled dough that’s filled with various flavours like walnut and honey. 

Handmade ‘Pletna’ Boat

Similar to an Italian gondola, a pletna is a flat-bottomed boat that is used on Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj.

One of the most popular things to do in Lake Bled is to take a ride out to Bled Island on a pletna. A miniature handmade pletna boat is a great souvenir to help you remember the magic of being in Slovenia. 

Slovenian Schnapps

Slovenians love wine and beer, but their national drink is schnapps.

A strong fruit brandy, there are different types of schnapps, including ones made from plums, blueberries, honey and pear, as well as pelinkovac, a herbal liquor similar to Jagermeister 

Prešeren Figs

Slovenia’s greatest poet, France Prešeren, was known to carry figs in his pocket while he walked around Ljubljana.

Today, in honour of the poet, figs are dipped in cream and chocolate and packaged to make a perfect gift or treat from Slovenia. 

Where Can You Buy Souvenirs from Slovenia

Souvenirs can be found throughout the country, especially at popular tourist attractions, as well as in the capital city of Ljubljana. 

Tourist Shops

Most major tourist destinations, such as Ljubljana, Bled, Piran and Postojna have plenty of tourist shops that offer a range of souvenirs, from typical souvenirs to traditional crafts and local treats. 

Tourist Info Center

In the more popular tourist areas, you’ll also find tourist information centres and many of these will have some locally made crafts and souvenirs available for sale. 

Local Markets

Larger cities, like Ljubljana and Maribor, have open-air markets where local artisans and vendors sell their handmade products, which often make great souvenirs. 

Museum Shops 

Many of the museums and historical sites often have gift shops where you can buy souvenirs related to the exhibits. 

Specialty Shops

For many Slovenian souvenirs, like salt, honey, pumpkin seed and olive oil, or local wines, consider visiting the specialty shops to purchase these products. That way you are buying directly from the source and supporting local businesses.

souvenirs from slovenia on display in a shop

Final Thoughts: Best Souvenirs from Slovenia

Slovenia’s souvenirs are as diverse as its stunning landscapes, reflecting the country’s rich heritage and natural wonders. From traditional crafts to mythical creatures and delicious treats, there are plenty of souvenirs from Slovenia to choose from. Which one will you bring back with you?

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