Are you wondering which are the best waterfalls in Hamilton? It’s hard to choose when there are so many! We’ve rounded up 10 of the best waterfalls in Hamilton, all great to explore with kids!

Hamilton is known as the “City of Waterfalls” and is often called the Waterfall Capital of the World.

And with 150 waterfalls in Hamilton, it’s easy to see how the city got its’ nickname!

Hamilton is situated on the shores of Lake Ontario, with the Niagara Escarpment passing through the middle of the city. This location lends to the abundance of waterfalls in the city, as any creek or stream that flows to Lake Ontario will pass over the Niagara Escarpment, creating a waterfall!

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While some of the waterfalls in Hamilton are well-known and have an impressive flow of water, there are many others to admire and appreciate, even if the water does not flow all year round.

There are around 50 to 60 waterfalls that flow year round, while the rest are seasonal and may only flow after the snow melts or after a heavy rainfall.

Unfortunately, as some of the waterfalls have become more popular and visitors have increased, there has also been a need to increase the safety measures, which has resulted in limited access.

The good news is with restricted access, several viewing platforms have been built, making viewing the falls more accessible for some people.

Of the waterfalls listed below, Albion Falls and Webster’s Falls are both wheelchair friendly and Dewitt Falls can be viewed from the car.

Some of the best waterfalls in Hamilton are located on HCA (Hamilton Conservation Authority) property, which means there is a fee to park. Others, such as Webster’s and Tews Falls, have become so popular that there is now a reservation policy in effect.

But whether you choose to visit one with a parking fee or one without, with 150 waterfalls in Hamilton, there’s no shortage of waterfalls to see!

Here are 10 of the best waterfalls in Hamilton to help you get out and explore the City of Waterfalls! Along with our favourites, these are all easily accessible, sure to impress and good to visit with families.

10 of the Best Waterfalls in Hamilton

Devil’s Punchbowl

Type: Curtain
Height: 37m (121 ft)
Cost: $5 parking fee

The third highest waterfall in Hamilton, Devil’s Punchbowl definitely makes our list of the best waterfalls in Hamilton.

While the waterfall is impressive (see the picture below!), the water doesn’t always flow year round. (Some years it dries up before the fall, other years it’s still flowing.)

Also lending to the impressive sight is the colourful layers of rock in the Niagara Escarpment.

Devil's Punchbowl is the third highest waterfall in Hamilton

From a parking lot off of Ridge Road, there is a short trail to reach the lookout platform which offers a fantastic view of the city, as well as the waterfalls.

From there, a trail descends down into the gorge and then up the creek to the base of the falls. It’s pretty steep though!

Alternatively, you can reach the falls from the Stoney Creek part of the Bruce Trail and hike up the path along the creek to the base of the falls. A good spot to park and begin the hike is Battlefield House Museum.

Albion Falls

Type: Cascade
Height: 19m (62ft)
Cost: Free

albion falls waterfall - the water cascades over the niagara escarpment with orange and yellow trees framing the waterfall

Albion Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Hamilton.

It’s an impressive waterfall, with water flowing year round.

Unfortunately as it’s become more popular, access has been restricted (for safety concerns) and it is no longer possible to access the falls from the bottom.

(As a kid, families – mine included – would hike there, climb the rocks and even have picnics alongside the waterfall.)

Fortunately, although you can’t view the falls from the bottom, you can view Albion Falls from above.

There are two viewing platforms, which are wheelchair and stroller friendly, making viewing the falls more accessible for all. The two platforms provide a great view of Albion Falls, but they can become crowded in peak times.

Buttermilk Falls

Type: Ribbon
Height: 23 metres (75 feet)
Cost: Free

Close to Albion Falls is the lesser-known Buttermilk Falls. As with Albion Falls, there is no access to the falls from below, however Buttermilk Falls can be seen from the Bruce Trail.

view of buttermilk falls over the niagara escarpment

To reach Buttermilk Falls, park at Oak Knoll Park and walk a short distance along the Bruce Trail side trail (there is a map at the edge of the parking lot).

Alternatively, Buttermilk Falls is only a short walk from Albion Falls, along either a paved trail that follows the road or along the Bruce Trail side trail (which has amazing views of the Red Hill Valley).

Felker’s Falls

Type: Ribbon
Height: 22m/72ft
Cost: Free

While not as well-known as some of the other waterfalls in Hamilton, Felker’s Falls is still a popular one and is great for families!

Felker's Falls is one of the best waterfalls in Hamilton to visit. It has a great trail for families and is even stroller-friendly.

Hidden away in a subdivision of houses on the Stoney Creek mountain, Felker’s Falls is a great place to go for a family hike.

This is one of our favourite places to visit and one of our favourite kid-friendly trails in Hamilton.

From the parking lot, a path leads to the escarpment before circling back to the top of Felker’s Falls.

Although the path is a dirt path, it is well-maintained and many families take their strollers along the path.

Crossing a paved path at the top of Felker’s Falls, the path continues on the other side and eventually joins the Bruce Trail.

This side has the best view of the falls, although there is no rail here so be careful with little ones!

Webster’s Falls

Type: Plunging waterfall – also called a Curtain Waterfall
Height: 22 m/72ft
Cost: Reservations needed and a $5 fee is required to park.

Probably one of the most popular and most recognizable waterfalls in Hamilton, Webster’s Falls is part of the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area.

Photo credit: Pixabay

Access to the bottom of Webster’s Falls is no longer permitted, but the waterfall can be viewed from a lookout platform, which is wheelchair accessible.

There are other viewpoints along the trail, but the trail is not wheelchair or stroller friendly. Reservations are needed in order to visit.

For more information on Webster’s Falls, and to make reservations, visit the website here.

Tews Falls

Type: Ribbon
Height: 41 metres /135ft
Cost: Reservations needed and a $5 fee is required to park

Photo credit: Wikipedia

Tews Falls is the tallest waterfall in Hamilton.

At 41 metres high, it’s just a few metres shorter than Niagara Falls!

Located in the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area, which is part of the Hamilton Conservation Area, it’s very popular spot along with nearby Webster’s Falls.

Access is not permitted to the bottom of the falls anymore but there are two platforms where you can view the falls and gorge.

As with Webster’s Falls, reservations are needed to visit. Click here for more information and to make reservations.

Tiffany Falls

Type: Ribbon
Height: 21 metres /69ft
Cost: $5 fee to park

Located just off of Wilson Street in Ancaster, Tiffany Falls is a popular waterfall, both in the summer and the winter.

In the winter when the falls freeze over, it’s common to see climbers ascending the frozen falls and to see people snapping photos of the frozen falls.

climber ascending the frozen waterfalls at Tiffany Falls

Parking is available in a lot off Wilson St, but it is often full during busy times.

From the parking lot, a trail leads to the falls, crossing two bridges before reaching a viewing platform.

You can also access Tiffany Falls from the Dundas section of the Bruce Trail. It’s possible to start at Sherman Falls and hike to Tiffany Falls, which is about 1.8km each way.

Sherman Falls

Type: Plunging waterfall – also called a Curtain Waterfall
Height: 17 metres
Cost: $5 fee to park

Sherman Falls is actually located on private property but is open for the public to view. The water flows year round and is spectacular to see in the winter when the falls freeze over.

Sherman Falls is one of the best waterfalls in Hamilton as it flows year round and is easy to access.

The waterfall can be seen from the road, but is more impressive when you walk closer.

There is a parking lot on Artaban Road, just a short walk from the trail to the falls.

There is no sidewalk but the street is not too busy and an easy walk with families.

From the road, there are two dirt paths that lead to the waterfall. They are not too difficult, but not great for strollers.

Smokey Hollow (also called Great Falls)

Type: Ribbon
Height: 10m (33ft)
Cost: Free

Smokey Hollow Falls, also known as Great Falls, is in Waterdown Ontario

Smokey Hollow is one of those hidden gems in Hamilton. (Or maybe it only seems like a hidden gem because we’re from the other end of the city?) Either way, it’s a waterfall that’s not to be missed!

Located in Waterdown, it’s an impressive waterfall, whether you view it from the lookout platform, or take the trail down and view the waterfall from below.

The path continues along the creek for awhile and is part of the Bruce Trail. You can hike out and back or do the 3.5km Great Falls loop.

Smokey Hollow is a great place to spend the afternoon with the whole family!

*note – there is free parking, but the parking lot is small! There is no parking on the street and during busy times, you may have to wait for a parking spot!

Dewitt Falls

Type: Cascade
Height: 9.8 metres (32 feet)
Cost: Free

Dewitt Falls may not have an impressive flow of water, but the exposed rock of the Niagara Escarpment is!

Not as popular or as impressive of a waterfall, Dewitt Falls makes our list of the best waterfalls in Hamilton because it’s the easiest to reach!

Located on the east side of Dewitt Road, just south of the railway tracks, you can park on the shoulder of the road directly in front of the waterfall.

Just as impressive, if not more so, are the exposed layers of the escarpment that you can see.

Similar to nearby Devil’s Punchbowl, the coloured layers of rock can be seen behind the waterfall.

Dewitt Falls also has a slightly sulphur smell, as there may be some natural gas coming through the cracks in the rock.

Did you know there are different types of waterfalls?

To be honest, before we started exploring the different waterfalls in Hamilton, I had no idea that there were different types of waterfalls! I just thought a waterfall was a waterfall and that there was something fascinating about them.

But in fact, there are 10 different types of waterfalls:

  • Plunge – A waterfall that falls without touching the underlying cliff face. These are usually older waterfalls. The spray often erodes underside of cliff, creating ‘caves’ where you can sometimes go behind the waterfall.
  • Horsetail – As the water falls, it fans out to become wider, keeps in contact with the underlying cliff face as it falls.
  • Fan – Similar to a Horsetail waterfalls, but the water fans out wider as it falls.
  • Punchbowl – The water is narrow at top before plunging over a drop into a wide pool at the base of the waterfall.
  • Block – The water is a rectangle shape as it falls, often wide as in a river going over a ledge. A great example is Horseshoe Falls (part of Niagara Falls).
  • Tiered – As the name suggests, the water has more than one leap or tier to go over.
  • Segmented – Water coming from the waterfall is split into two or more segments, usually from a rock in the middle of the flow.
  • Cascade – The water falls along a sloped surface, causing it to ‘cascade’. These types of waterfalls are usually gentle and slower than other types of falls.
  • Chute – Water is forced through a narrow channel causing the pressure of the waterfall to be greater, which also means noisier and messier!
  • Slide – Water falls over a low angle at slow speed.
  • Ribbon – This type of waterfall is very slim and has a narrow stream, drop of waterfall is long. They usually don’t flow the entire year, and are more seasonal. Many of Hamilton’s waterfalls are a ribbon type waterfall.

What’s your favourite waterfall in Hamilton? Let us know in the comments below if you have any other suggestions to add to this list!

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  1. Great collection of waterfalls in Hamilton! I’ve only been to a couple of these. I need to get back to find some more! Tews Falls looks beautiful!

    1. Yes! You’ll love them! Sherman and Tiffany Falls will be on your Bruce Trail hikes!

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