Looking for things to do in Florenceville NB? This charming small town in the Saint John River Valley area of New Brunswick has plenty of activities to keep you busy, from scenic drives along the river, taking a day trip to Maine or just exploring the local nature and history.  

Known as the “French Fry Capital of the World”, Florenceville-Bristol is home to McCain Foods, the largest producer of French fries in the world!

Aside from French fries, there are plenty of things to do in Florenceville-Bristol. Whether you are passing through or staying for a few days, this small town is worth a stop!

Fun fact: The town was renamed Florenceville in 1855 to honour Florence Nightingale!

7 Things to Do in Florenceville-Bristol

1. Potato World

In a town that’s known for its French fries, it’s not a surprise that they have a museum dedicated to the potato.

Just off the highway, Potato World is a fun museum to visit. Featuring interactive displays, antique machinery and plenty of informational signs, you’ll learn a lot about the history and science of the humble potato.

long red building with the words potato world on the side - this is the potato world museum in florenceville-bristol New Brunswick

There is a guided tour available or you can wander through at your own pace and learn about potato farming, processing and all aspects of the potato world!

After learning about potatoes, the tour ends at the cafe where you can snack on some hot fries or other more unique potato recipes – there’s even a potato smoothie!

Cost: $6 for adults, $5 for seniors, $4 for students under 18 (kids may be free as we were only charged for an adult, but there was no signage on this)

2. Hunter Brothers Farm

The Hunter Brothers Farm is known throughout New Brunswick for its delicious sweet corn.

In the summer, stop by their farm market for fresh produce, preserves, baking and home-made fudge.

In the fall, stop by and enjoy their Fall Festival! With a sunflower field and pumpkin patch, a fantastic corn maze and wagon rides, there’s plenty to do! And kids will love the fun activities, from games and races to farm-themed slides and swings and even a zipline!

Find more info on the farm, the market and the fall activities here.

3. Shogomoc Railway Site

Stop by the Shogomoc Railway Site and see the restored 1914 CPR train car, shop in the gift shop or just stretch your legs and let the kids play on the train-themed play equipment.

There are also three other train cars on site; one is a fine dining car and the two others have been renovated to an inn. Check out the Shamrock Train Inn & Suites if you’re looking for an interesting and unique accommodation!

a converted train car is now a unique place to stay in Florenceville-Bristol, NB
A converted train car now offers accommodations

4.  Shiktehawk Walking Trail

Following the Shiktehawk stream, this 2km trail is perfect for walking or hiking.

It’s an easy, scenic trail with some bridges and steps along the trail and plenty of scenic views!

view of the Shiktehawk walking trail in Florenceville-Bristol, NB
Shiktehawk Walking Trail

Located in downtown Florenceville, the Laura & Andrew McCain Library is also home to the Art Gallery.

Stop by the library and browse the books or visit the Art Gallery, which boasts the best visual arts in the St. John River Valley. Admission is free!

The Art Gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday, from 10:30 am to 5 pm, and 12-8 pm on Thursdays.

Andrew & Laura McCain Art Gallery in Florenceville-Bristol, NB
Andrew & Laura McCain Art Gallery

6. Old Florenceville Bridge

While there are plenty of covered bridges in this part of New Brunswick, the Old Florenceville Bridge is unique in that it combines a wooden covered bridge with steel trusses.

Unfortunately, it was closed to traffic while we visited. Usually, it is open and you can drive across the bridge to Main St and downtown Florenceville Bristol.

the covered bridge in Florenceville is a mix of wood and steel trusses
Covered bridge in Florenceville

7. Noah’s Ark

A few kilometers outside of town, you’ll find a large replica of Noah’s Ark!

This 300 foot boat was originally built for a private Bible school, but it is now operating as a senior’s home.

If you’re looking for an interesting sight, it’s worth the short drive to see this large Ark in the middle of potato fields!  

replica of Noah's Ark in Florenceville-Bristol, NB
Replica of Noah’s Ark

Where to Stay in Florenceville-Bristol

Amsterdam Inn & Suites

Amsterdam Inn & Suites is conveniently located right off the highway next to Potato World, and is only a short drive into the downtown area. It’s a relatively new hotel (we were one of the first people to stay here in 2021) and we’ve been back several times since. Rooms are clean and spacious, and the staff is helpful and friendly, even when arriving late at night.

There’s also a great restaurant, Exit 153, attached to the hotel, and your stay includes a breakfast voucher at the hotel.

Whether you’re passing through or looking to spend some time in the area, it’s a great place to stay!

Shamrock Train Inn & Suites

Looking for a unique accommodation? This converted train car provides all modern conveniences with old world charm, while making for an interesting and unique stay! You can find more information on their site here.

Things to Do Around Florenceville-Bristol

Grand Falls

⏱️ Driving time from Florenceville-Bristol: 50 mins

While Grand Falls aren’t the highest falls in New Brunswick, they are still pretty impressive!

There’s a 1.6km walking trail along the gorge and where you cab appreciate the view for the falls from various lookouts.

Located right in the middle of the town, and only a short distance off the highway, the Grand Falls Gorge is easy to access and a great spot to stop if you are driving through the area.

Hartland Covered Bridge

⏱️ Driving time from Florenceville-Bristol: 15 mins

Just a short drive from Florenceville-Bristol is the Hartland Covered Bridge. At 391 metres (1,282 feet) long, this is the world’s longest-covered bridge.

Crossing the Saint John River, it’s a National Historic Site and a popular tourist attraction in New Brunswick. You can drive across, just be aware it’s only wide enough for one car at a time.

world's longest covered bridge in Hartland, NB -
World’s Longest Covered Bridge in Hartland, NB

Like all covered bridges in New Brunswick, it’s considered a ‘kissing bridge’ from the days when horse-drawn wagons would stop halfway across the bridge to allow for a few kisses out of sight before continuing to the other side of the bridge.

Just beside the bridge is Covered Bridge Potato Chips – after all, you’re in potato country here! These are a pretty popular brand of chips on the East Coast, with different flavours of old-fashioned kettle-cooked chips and certified gluten-free. Take a tour of the factory or pick up a bag of kettle-cooked chips to snack on later.

The World’s Largest Axe in Nackawic

⏱️ Driving time from Florenceville-Bristol: 55 mins

Nackawic is home to the World’s Largest Axe. Seven tones of steel went into this axe that stands 15m (49 ft) high and 7m (23 ft) wide, while resting on a concrete stump that’s 10m (33 ft) wide.

Standing beside the Saint John River, this large axe symbolizes the importance that forestry has to this small community. Surrounding the axe, there’s also a play area, a small beach and plenty of space to stretch your legs.

the world's largest axes is in Nackawic, New Brunswick, a good day trip if you're looking for things to do in Florenceville-Bristol
World’s Largest Axe in Nackawic, NB

Maine, USA

⏱️ Driving time from Florenceville-Bristol: 20 minutes to 2 hours

The border to Maine is only 20 minutes away but note that once you cross into the States, even though it’s only 20 minutes away, they are in a different time zone!


⏱️ Driving time from Florenceville-Bristol: 1 hour 25 minutes

Fredericton, the capital city of New Brunswick, is a little further from Florenceville-Bristol, but it’s an easy day trip or a great spot to spend a few days. There’s plenty of things to do in Fredericton, from exploring the city’s history to getting outdoors and exploring the trails or parks the city has to offer. Next to Florenceville, it’s one of our favourite spots to visit in New Brunswick.


⏱️ Driving time from Florenceville-Bristol: 3 hours

While Moncton is about 3 hours from Florenceville-Bristol, we’re including it here in case you’re driving through the province or continuing on to Nova Scotia or PEI. Moncton has plenty of things to do and is definitely worth visiting for a few days. You can read more about things to do in Moncton here.  

Final Thoughts: Things to Do in Florenceville-Bristol, NB

Whether you’re stopping in Florenceville-Bristol as you drive from Toronto to Halifax or spending some time in the area, it’s a beautiful area of the province with plenty to see and do. Enjoy your time in the French Fry Capital of the World!

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