Looking for the best things to do in Ulm, Germany? Here are 21 suggestions, from historical sights to fascinating facts, as well as parks and fun things to do in Ulm, Germany for kids. 

Home to the world’s tallest church, and known as the birthplace of Einstein, Ulm is an interesting city with plenty of things to see and do. 

Stroll through the Fisherman’s Quarters and see the crookedest house in the world, take a walk to the interesting Einstein fountain or visit the Ulm Museum to see a 40, 000-year-old carving. Either way, there’s no shortage of fun and fascinating things to see in Ulm, Germany.  

We stopped in Ulm, originally as a short rest stop on our drive from Frankfurt to Slovenia – and because one of my kids saw the interesting-looking Berblinger tower on Google maps – but that short rest stop turned into a much longer visit once we started exploring the town. We had to alter our itinerary for the next few days to make up the time, but it was worth it!

Whether you’re interested in historical sights, outdoor activities or travelling with kids, here are 21 of the best things to do in Ulm, Germany. 

21 Best Things to Do in Ulm

Ulm is an interesting city, with a rich history, as well as plenty of unique and unusual things to do. Here are some of the best things to do in Ulm, from historical sights to unusual and unique things to see, as well as parks and things to do in Ulm with kids.

1. Marvel at the Ulm Münster

One of Germany’s most iconic landmarks, and the top tourist attractions in Ulm, the Ulmer Münster is a true architectural marvel.

It’s the world’s tallest church, with a steeple that is 530 feet tall.

Ulm munster is the world’s tallest church - seeing it is one of the top things to do in Ulm Germany

Construction first began in 1477 and over the years, it has been a Catholic Church, before being converted to a Lutheran church, and finally a Protestant church.

Luckily the church survived without much damage during WWII, and it still stands proudly in the centre of Ulm.

And while it’s a steep climb with 768 steps, the 360° views from the top make the climb worthwhile!

2. See the Rathaus

The town hall is one of the most important buildings in any German city, and Ulm is no exception.

Ulm’s Rathaus, or City Hall, was built in 1520 and every wall on the outside of the building is decorated with gorgeous coloured murals.

Rathaus in Ulm is decorated with intricate frescoes and an astronomical clock on one side of the Rathaus

One wall also features an astronomical clock, less well-known than the one in Prague, but beautiful nonetheless.

The Renaissance façade is reason enough to visit the Rathaus, but the building is also home to a replica of the flying apparatus of Albrecht Ludwig Berblinger, the legendary “Tailor of Ulm”.

Regardless of whether you’re into art history, the Rathaus is a beautiful building and worth a visit.

3. Explore Fisherman’s and Tanner’s Quarters

Where the Blau River meets the River Danube you’ll find the charming Fischerviertel, or Fishers’ quarter.

This was the medieval quarter for tanners, fishermen and shipbuilders, as well as other craftsmen.

Now, this restored quarter is home to many beautifully restored half-timbered houses sitting over the water, as well as restaurants, galleries and small shops.

the crookedest house in the world - in Ulm, Germany
The crookedest house in the world

It’s also home to the crookedest house in the world, as well as one of the narrowest, and is a great spot to wander around.

There are many bridges crossing the Blau, and with plenty of cafes and restaurants, it’s an ideal spot to have a snack or a bite to eat. 

4. Walk Along the Old City Wall 

From Fischerviertel, it’s an easy walk to the old city wall, or the Stadmauer.

These red brick walls date from 1492 and run the length of the Old Town along the north bank of the Danube.

Napoleon decided he didn’t want a heavily fortified Ulm, so he reduced the height of the wall in the 19th century.

Old City wall in Ulm, as seen from the other side of the Danube

Walk along the old town walls and enjoy the view of the Danube on your right and the buildings of the Aldstadt on your left. 

5. See the Leaning Tower

Along the city walls is the Metzgerturm, or Butcher’s Tower.

Built in the 14th century, this tower features beautifully patterned tiles on the roof and is one of the entrances to the Old Town.

the leaning tower, or Metzgerturm, in Ulm Germany

But due to the marshy ground, the tower leans 2 meters, which is only slightly less severe than the more well-known Leaning Tower of Pisa.

It’s not possible to enter the tower, but a picture from the outside is a must. 

6. Walk Along the Danube

No visit to Ulm would be complete without taking a stroll along the banks of the Danube River.

One of the most important rivers in the world, the Danube River flows through 10 countries, including Germany.

There’s a great path alongside the river, with plenty of spots to sit and enjoy the view, or wood ‘steps’ built into the side of the banks to sit on.

View of Aldstadt in Ulm Germany from the other side of the Danube

Stroll along the north side or cross to the south side for an excellent view of the Ulm Munster and Leaning tower set against the Aldstadt. 

7. Climb the Berblinger Tower

The city is known for unusual and fascinating things – a crooked house, a tall church and a really old carving to name a few – but climbing the Berblinger Tower is another of the unique things to do in Ulm. 

Actually, the Berblinger Tower is what brought us to Ulm – we were looking for a stop on our drive through Germany to Slovenia, and one of my kids saw this tower on Google Maps, so of course we had to climb it. 

the Berblinger tower in Ulm Germany

I’ll be honest – climbing the tower is not for the faint-hearted. It doesn’t look too tall from below, but the tower is slightly tilted, and once at the top, even without any wind, it does shake and move a bit.

The winding steps are worth it though, as you’ll be rewarded with a great view over the Danube. 

8. Visit the Museum of Bread Culture

The Museum Brot und Kunst, or Museum of Bread Culture, sounds a bit unusual, and unique it is, but it’s also surprisingly interesting.

With over 1500 items, the museum presents an interesting history of bread and bread-making methods, and even the politics of bread, but it also features an interesting art collection with bread-themed pieces, including works by Chagall and Dali. 

The Museum of Bread Culture is housed in a building that was built in 1592 and used until the beginning of the 19th century. In 1955, a father and son team converted the warehouse into what would become the museum it is today.

9. See the Lion Man of Ulm

Ulm is known for some fascinating things, from a tall church to a crooked house, but it also boasts a really old sculpture.

The Lion Man, or Löwenmensch figurine, has the body of a man with the head of a lion, and was found in a German cave in 1939.

Only 30 cm tall and carved from mammoth ivory about 40, 000 years ago, this is the oldest example of figurative art in the world.

lowenmensch statue, or lion man, on display in museum Ulm
Photo courtesy of 10. See the Einstein Fountain

While exploring Ulm, be sure to visit this unique fountain that honours Albert Einstein.

Einstein was born in Ulm in 1879, and although he only lived there for the first year of his life, the city still boasts about being the birthplace of the famous scientist.

Rather than a traditional fountain, this fountain has an interesting design of Einstein coming out of a snail shell on a rocket.

The rocket supposedly represents technology and the snail shell represents nature and wisdom in this very odd and unique tribute to the famous scientist.

11. Check Out the Modern Architecture

While many historic buildings remain in the fisherman’s quarter, much of the Old Town was destroyed by the bombing in WWII.

Instead of restoring the buildings to their previous state, new buildings were constructed, in a more modern style, much like the architecture in Dusseldorf.

Many of these interesting architectural designs can be seen throughout the center of Ulm.

central library in Ulm is in the shape of a glass pyramid

The Central Library, which is in the shape of a glass pyramid, can be seen just opposite the Rathaus, and Kunsthalle Weishaupt, which opened in 2006 is a cube-shaped building on the other corner.

Also in Münsterplatz is the Stadthaus, an interesting landmark which hosts conferences, concerts and exhibitions, but also has the tourist office and a restaurant that offers breakfast.

It’s a great spot to visit, to check out the architecture while picking up some info about the city, activities and unique things to do in Ulm, Germany. 

12. Visit the Kunsthalle Weishaupt

For art enthusiasts, a visit to the Kunsthalle Weishaupt is a must when visiting Ulm.

This impressive building houses a private collection of modern and contemporary art, including bold paintings by Klein, Warhol and Haring.

The art gallery is just across from the Rathaus and features a bright red sculpture in front. 

the Kunsthalle weishaupt - a private art gallery across from the Rathaus in Ulm Germany

13. Find the Sparrow

Many European cities are associated with an animal, and Ulm is no exception.

Ulm is known for sparrows – in fact, the children’s choir and the soccer team are both named ‘Sparrows’.

You’ll see them throughout the town, whether on postcards, sculptures in the Altstadt, chocolate sparrows in gift shops or even the bronze statue on top of the Münster.

black sign over restaurant with two sparrows and text reading hotel restaurant Ulmer Spatz
Image by Hans from Pixabay

Legend has it that builders were having a hard time getting a large wooden beam needed for the church through the city gate. Then they saw a sparrow flying past with straw for its nest, and the builders had the idea to turn the wood sideways to fit through the gate.

When they finished the Münster, a bronze statue of a sparrow was placed on the top. 

If you’re travelling with kids, one of the best things to do while sightseeing, is to have them look for something significant to the town. In Sofia, Bulgaria, my kids kept a count of how many lions they saw, and in Ljubljana, they were on the lookout for dragons. In Ulm, have the kids look for sparrows!

➡️ See more of Ulm on this walking tour with a local guide. Stroll through the Fisherman’s Quarter, learn about local history and visit the Ulm Münster in this 1.5 hour walking tour

Things to Do in Ulm: Parks

14.  Glacis Park

If you’re looking to take a break from sightseeing, Glacis Park is a great place to take a walk, see some ducks and swans, and beautiful flowers, especially in the spring.

flower gardens in glacis park, Ulm Germany
Photo courtesy of 15. Donaubad

Donaubad is a huge fun water park, and the largest adventure pool in the area.

Featuring thermal pools, a sauna and a steam bath, as well as a heated outdoor pool with a whirlpool, it’s a great spot to relax and unwind.

There are also water slides, a length pool, a children’s pool and plenty of activities for the whole family. 

16. Friedrichsau

A large park just east of Ulm’s Old Town, this is a favourite spot for locals.

With ponds and a stream, and plenty of trees for shade, Friedrichsau is the largest green area in Ulm.

steps and path in the garden at friedrichsau in Ulm, Germany
Photo courtesy of 17. Wilhelmsburg

Just outside the downtown area (a 5-minute drive or 25 minutes to walk), Wilhelmsburgh is an imposing stone fortress that was built in the 1840s.

round stone fortress in Ulm Germany

Over the years it has been a WWII refugee camp, as well as a military base after the war. At one time, almost 3000 people lived in Wilhelmsburg and the fortress had its own post office, school and shop.

Since 1970, it’s been empty and now it’s a great spot to walk around year-round.

In the summer, sometimes there are music and events, and the sunset from the tower is fantastic.

Places to Visit Near Ulm

18. Legoland

Just 25km east of Ulm off the A8, Legoland Deutschland is one of the best attractions in Ulm for families. 

Legoland Deutschland entrance - one of the best things to do in Ulm with kids

This Lego-themed amusement park, with roller coasters, water attractions and a miniature world built from 55 million Lego bricks is sure to be a fantastic experience for the whole family.

➡️ Buy tickets to Legoland online

Things to Do in Ulm for Kids

19. Spatzolino

One of the best indoor playgrounds in Ulm, Spatzolino has 2000 square meters of fun.

There are plenty of activities for all ages, including a climbing spider tower, wave slide or freefall slide, a climbing maze, go-karts and bumper cars, as well as six trampolines to bounce on.

It’s one of the best things to do in Ulm with kids, especially on rainy days or when the weather is not great. 

20. Children’s Museum

Another of the top things to do with kids in Ulm is actually across the river in Neu-Ulm.

The Children’s Museum, or Edwin Scharff Museum is a hands-on museum where kids of all ages become researchers to search, discover and build.

Each year the exhibits change, and vary from socially relevant subjects to cultural history and natural science. The hands-on exhibits encourage visitors to move and be curious, whether they are kids or adults and are designed to make learning really fun.

Admission is free on Wednesdays, and opening hours and rates can be found here

21. Reptile Zoo

Just across the Danube in Neu-Ulm, the Reptile Zoo is another great place to visit in Ulm with kids.

It’s deceiving from the outside, but the inside is a maze of terrariums, with over 80 species of lizards, snakes and insects, and many different types of turtles and tortoises. 

Where to Stay in Ulm, Germany

There are a range of accommodation options in Ulm, Germany from hotels to apartments, and most are located in the city centre. 

Staying in the city centre is convenient to access Ulm’s main attractions, and ensures that you’re within walking distance of restaurants, cafes and shops. 

Boutique Hotel am Rathaus is a great choice, as it’s centrally located directly beside the Rathaus and only a minute or two walk to both Ulm Münster and the River Danube. Parking is available onsite. 

The Leonardo Royal Hotel Ulm is also a great choice, although it’s a bit more of a walk from the Ulm Münster. Rooms are spacious and clean, breakfast is included and parking is available onsite. 

view of the old city of Ulm from across the Danube

FAQ: Best Things to Do in Ulm, Germany

What is Ulm Germany known for?

Ulm, Germany is known for having a church with the tallest steeple in the world, as well as being the birth of Albert Einstein. 

Is Ulm Germany worth visiting?

With a rich history, as well as many fascinating facts and unique things to do, Ulm is definitely worth visiting. And it’s location halfway between Munich and Stuttgart makes for a great stopping point or an easy day trip from either city. 

Where in Germany is Ulm?

Ulm is in southwestern Germany in Baden-Württemberg Land, situated on the Danube River. It’s approximately halfway between Munich and Stuttgart. 

When is the best time to go to Ulm?

Ulm is a great place to visit year-round. The weather is warmest in the summer months, but July and August are also the most popular months for tourists. June and September are best to visit, as crowds will be less, but December is also a good time to visit, when the Christmas Markets in Ulm are on. 

Final Thoughts: Best Things to Do in Ulm, Germany

Ulm is a great city to visit in Germany. It’s not as popular, or as busy, as some other larger cities in Germany, but there are still plenty of things to do in Ulm, whether you’re into history, or unusual facts, outdoor parks or visiting with kids. We really enjoyed our time in Ulm, and hope you do as well! 

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